Unboxing RS PRO IDM99IV Multimeter

11 May 2020
S PRO IDM99IV Digital Multimeter is a handheld device that can measure capacitance, voltage, electrical current and resistance with diode and continuity check. This meter has an LCD display where the measurement readouts can be viewed, with 6000 counts digital display and 62 segment bar graph. This is an excellent rugged and easy to use industrial multimeter. The IDM series provides features to suit electrical and electronic applications. RS PRO range of handheld and bench digital multimeters are RS approved meaning that they are great value for money and high quality you can rely on. What are RS PRO IDM99IV Multimeter's features? Watch our unboxing video to find it out! Buy yours today: https://www.elsotech.com.my/index.php?ws=showproducts&products_id=2947758&cat=RS-Pro&subcat=Digital-Multimeters#openproducts