Durable and longer battery life handheld DMMs

11 Nov 2015
Watch and learn how the powerful Keysight’s U1280 Series and U1240C Series Handheld Digital Multimeters (HH DMMs) helps to identify elusive faults, troubleshoot problems and keep your testing on schedule. With the U1280 Series, you’ll get unparalleled precision, accuracy and repeatability with up to 60,000 count display resolution and low DCV error rate of 0.025% to help you catch anomalies faster. The other U1240C Series comes with 10,000 count display resolution and DCV accuracy of 0.09%. Both rugged and durable HHH DMMs are certified to IP 67 for dust and water protection and capable to withstand up to 3 meters (10 ft) drop. Better yet, you can optimize productivity with the unique remote data logging functionality designed to run seamlessly with the DMM.