TriScroll 300 Inverter

TriScroll 300 Inverter


TriScroll 300 Inverter

Agilent Technologies TriScroll Inverter pumps combine the benefits of frequency inverter technology and the performance of Agilent TriScroll dry primary vacuum pumps. The frequent maintenance requirements of oil-sealed rotary vane pumps are eliminated with dry scroll pumps, simplifying regulatory and environmental compliance, and eliminating oil disposal costs. Agilent TriScroll dry scroll pumps feature proven reliability and durability, providing consistent performance and superior cost of ownership.

The TriScroll 300 Inverter Pump employs an innovative frequency inverter technology that delivers optimal and consistent performance at any voltage and frequency conditions worldwide.

The TriScroll 300 Inverter dry scroll pump operates at a pumping speed of 250 liters/minute.

  • Pumping speed 250 liters/minute
  • Pump speed remains constant regardless of line frequency
  • Optimal pumping speed can be selected by adjusting the pump's rotational speed via RS232 or 0-10V control signal
  • Pump parameters can be monitored via serial interface
  • A standard D-shell connector provides contact closure for remote start and stop
  • Optimal rotational speed selection reduces noise and vibration levels in the work area with little loss in base pressure performance

Technical Specifications

Pumping speed @ 60 Hz 250 l/m, 15 m3/hr, 8.8 cfm (at 60 Hz drive frequency, variable
Ultimate pressure 1.3 x 10-2 mbar (1.0 x 10-2 Torr)
Maximum inlet pressure 1.0 atmosphere (0 psig)
Maximum outlet pressure 1.1 atmosphere (1.5 psig)
Inlet connection NW25
Exhaust connection 1⁄4" Female NPT with swivel (NW16 adapter provided)
Exhaust connection adapter NW16 KF adapter provided
Gas ballast 1⁄4" Female NPT (shipped with 40 micron filter installed; port plug also provided)
Operating Voltages 100-115V, 200-240V, 1Ø, 50/60Hz
Maximum line current 200V; 5 A 240V; 4.2 A
Weight Pump only: 26 kg (57 lbs) Ship weight: 34 kg (74 lbs)
Compliance CE, CSA/CUS

Pumping Speed Graph

TriScroll 300 Inverter Dry Scroll Pump Speed Graph

Outline Drawing

TriScroll 300 Inverter Dry Scroll Pump Outline Drawing

TriScroll 300 Dry Vacuum Pump, 1 motor, 100-240 PTS03001INV
Power Cord Selection
Europe, 10 A, 220-230 VAC, 2.5 meter 656494220
Denmark, 10 A, 220-230 VAC, 2.5 meter 656494225
Switzerland, 10 A, 230 VAC, 2.5 meter 656494235
UK/Ireland, 13 A, 230 VAC, 2.5 meter 656494250
India, 10 A, 220-250 VAC, 2.5 meter 656494245
Israel, 10 A, 230 VAC, 2.5 meter 656494230
Japan, 12 A, 100 VAC, 2.3 meter 656494240
North America, 15 A, 125 VAC, 2.0 meter 656458203
North America, 10 A, 230 VAC, 2.5 meter 656494255