TriScroll 300

TriScroll 300


TriScroll 300

Agilent Technologies’ unique, patented TriScroll series features two-stage dry scroll pumps that deliver high pumping speeds and low base pressure. The frequent maintenance requirements of oil-sealed rotary vane pumps are eliminated with dry scroll pumps, simplifying regulatory and environmental compliance, and eliminating oil disposal costs. Agilent TriScroll dry scroll pumps feature proven reliability and durability, providing consistent performance and superior cost of ownership.

The TriScroll 300 pump operates at a pumping speed of 300 liters/minute.

  • High pumping speed (250 liters/minute) and low ultimate pressure provide clean, dry vacuum
  • Long-life tip seals generally only need to be replaced on a yearly basis
  • Bearing purge port translates to simple maintenance and long bearing life
  • Automatic air ballast manages water vapor without reducing pumping speed

Technical Specifications

Pumping speed 60 Hz 250 l/m, 15 m3/hr, 8.8 cfm 50 Hz 210 l/m, 12.6 m3/hr, 7.4 cfm
Ultimate pressure 1.3 x 10-2 mbar (1.0 x 10-2 Torr)
Maximum inlet pressure 1.0 atmosphere (0 psig)
Maximum outlet pressure 1.1 atmosphere (1.5 psig)
Inlet connection NW25
Exhaust connection 1⁄4" Female NPT with swivel (NW16 adapter provided)
Gas ballast 1⁄4" Female NPT (shipped with 40 micron filter installed; port plug also provided)
Operating Voltages-1Ø models 50/60Hz/100-115: 200-230 VAC
Operating Voltages-3Ø models 50Hz/200-230, 380-415 VAC; 60Hz/ 200-230, 460 VAC
Weight Pump only: 26.4 kg (58 lbs) Ship weight: 34.2 kg (75 lbs)
Compliance CE, CSA/CUS

Pumping Speed Graph

TriScroll 300 Dry Scroll Pump Speed Graph

Outline Drawing

TriScroll-300 Dry Scroll Pump Outline Drawing

TriScroll 300 Dry Vacuum Pump, 1 motor, US cord PTS03001UNIV
TriScroll 300 Dry Vacuum Pump, 1 motor, Euro cord PTS03001UNIVEU
TriScroll 300 Dry Vacuum Pump, 1 motor, UK cord PTS03001UNIVUK
TriScroll 300 Dry Vacuum Pump, 3 motor PTS03003UNIV
TriScroll 300, 1, with vacuum isolation valve (VPI), 120V PTS03001UVPI*
TriScroll 300, 1, with VPI, 220V, EU power cord PTS03001UVPIEU
TriScroll 300, 3, with VPI, 200V PTS03003200VPI
TriScroll 300, 3, with VPI, 230V PTS03003230VPI
TriScroll 300, 3, with VPI, 380/415V PTS03003380415VPI
TriScroll 300, 3, with VPI, 460V PTS03003460VPI
TriScroll 300 exhaust extension S4707002