GreenPads Oil - Oil Absorbent Pad

GreenPads Oil - Oil Absorbent Pad


GreenPads Oil - Oil Absorbent Pad

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Greenpads oil absorbent pads is the best solution in the market for cleaning up oil spill. Compared to Sawdust or Woodchip, this pads provide the most effective cleaning method for oil spill. Just lay in ontop of the oil spill and it will do all the job for you.

Greenpads oil abosrbent does not absorb water based liquid hence it provide you the easier way to clean up your mess.

The best oil spillage kit you can find

Absorb all kinds of oil or hydrocarbon based liquid
Great for spill
– Low Cost alternative
– Less mess in cleaning up job compared to Woodchip  / Sawdust


Product Code Product Name Per Carton
7000-100 GreenPads Oil Absorbent 100 100 pcs
7000-200 GreenPads Oil Absorbent 200 200 pcs