189-3177 - RS PRO PVC Black Protective Sleeving

189-3177 - RS PRO PVC Black Protective Sleeving


189-3177 - RS PRO PVC Black Protective Sleeving

Category: Cables & Wires

Product Details

RS PRO Cable Sleeves

Complete your cable and wire install to a professional standard with our series of PVC cable sleeve from RS PRO. These sleeves offer a high degree of protection and are suitable for most wiring or cable applications. PVC is recognised as a flexible, durable, thermoplastic material with excellent resistance to chemicals and abrasions, perfect for keeping cables insulated and protected. RS PRO cable sleeves are easy to apply, simply cut to size and route your cable or wires through the inside of the sleeve. Consider zip ties and zip tie holders for a professional install.

Where is PVC Cable Sleeving Used?

The unique properties of this flexible cable sleeving make it ideal for both insulating and protecting cables and wire that are being used in demanding environments. This sleeving can also be used as a cable management sleeve for bundling smaller cables together and creating wire harnesses. The versatility of this PVC cable sleeve means it covers a wider range of applications than any other type of sleeve.

Features and Benefits

• Flame retardant
• Flexible sleeving
• Wall thickness 0.47±0.08 to 0.60±0.08
• Inner diameter: 3.00±0.25 mm to 12.70±0.35 mm
• Easy Installation
• Durable with high resistance to abrasion
• Excellent dielectric properties
• Resistant to most chemicals and corrosives
• Resistant to petrol, oil, and water

Technical Data

• Tensile Strength: 140 Kg/cm2
• Elongation at break: 190 %
• Dielectric Strength: 2500 V/Min
• Flammability: VW-1