Centra-SD Mobile Network Quality Monitoring System

Centra-SD Mobile Network Quality Monitoring System


Centra-SD Mobile Network Quality Monitoring System

Monitoring the network performance of a mobile phone is a difficult task. By using Centra-SD, the task can be simple and efficient. Centra-SD will consolidate the data into a single server, and display the performance in an intuitive UI. On top of that, it can manage test devices remotely, collect data from test devices and display the data in a map, thus making analysis easier.


Automation is the key component for effective and efficient monitoring of a cellular network. Centra-SD can schedule any number of test (FTP/HTTP/Voice/etc) to run on any number of devices in the field in real time. Those devices will immediately begin to automatically collect and upload data. With Centra-SD, controlling and collecting extensive amounts of data becomes simple

Ease of Use

Access Centra-SD from anywhere in the world over the internet with any standard browser. The intuitive UI allows quick access to a number of KPIs that can be filtered, viewed and drilled down into. With Centra-SD. finding bottlenecks and trouble spots becomes simple.

Remote Management

Manage all the test devices online without leaving your web browser. The ability to create groups of devices makes management of multiple devices trivial. Test schedules are easily created, assigned and pushed to field devices through the UI. The status of the test devices is also tracked and viewable, offering an easy overview of a test network at a glance. With Centra-SD, maintaining and controlling an extensive testing network becomes simple.