Sigma-PA is a Windows-based platform that processes and analyzes network log data acquired by Sigma-LA/Sigma-ML/QXDM and other drive test tools and network logging tools. It facilitates troubleshooting with powerful analysis capabilities and streamlines the post-measurement reporting in a convenient KPI reporting module. Sigma-PA boasts of a rich variety of KPIs related to NR5G, LTE-A, LTE, WCDMA and GSM/GPRS.

Automatic Analysis Function

Sigma-PA implements a powerful automatic analysis function, it detects and lists points of re-connections and handovers automatically. Furthermore, it automatically extracts the processing time, the success or failure judgment and also the root cause analysis of the network problems.

Great Variety of Charts and Excel Cooperation

Various parameters of the wireless networks can be displayed on charts by dragging-and-dropping on the Sigma-PA. All types of charts like bar, pie, PDF, CDF, normal distribution, etc. all of which at the touch of one button, can be output to Microsoft Excel along with the raw data. MS Excel being the defacto standard for report generation, Sigma-PA can work hand-to-hand with MS Excel.

Effective Reports Acquired Easily

There is an excellent reporting function in Sigma-PA where mainly major data is automatically extracted in Excel format and made into a report format. With this feature, analysed data can be shared and can also be easily available for printing or can be emailed to upper management in MS Excel format.