Category: Wall Boxes

Product Details

Schneider Electric Spacial S3X Wall-Mounted Enclosures

The Schneider Electric Spacial S3X range of 304 stainless steel wall-mounting enclosures are made from a one piece metal sheet, folded and welded on the corners.

• 120° opening, reversible door can be mounted on the left or the right
• Stainless steel concealed hinges
• IP66 protection meaning the enclosures are dust tight and protect against powerful jets of water and heavy seas
• Hinges are mounted along height dimension
• Easy to mount indoors or outdoors
• Scotch-Brite brushed finish
• IK10 protected against a 5kg object dropped from 20cm


What are the external dimensions?

The compact enclosure NSYS3X3315 has external dimensions of 150 x 300 x 300 mm.

What type of lock does it have?

The enclosure has a 3mm double-bar.

What is supplied?

Single piece body, Plain front face door and 1 lock.


IEC 62208