Haematokrit 200

Haematokrit 200


Haematokrit 200



The HAEMATOKRIT 200 is a compact and efficient centrifuge for the determination of the volume fraction of the erythrocytes in the blood.

In neonatology, the hematocrit centrifuge is also used for plasma collection for the photometric determination of the bilirubin content in the blood of neonates.

The powerful centrifuge separates samples in minutes: With a maximum centrifugal acceleration of 16.060 xg, this hematocrit centrifuge requires less than seven minutes until the red blood cells reach their maximum packing density or until cell-free plasma is available for further examinations.

You can centrifuge 24 capillary tubes per barrel. The segmented rotor of the centrifuge offers each capillary its own chamber. This has the advantage that, in the event of glass breakage, no further capillary tubes are damaged as a result of a chain reaction. Glass splitter and blood of the affected capillary tube are collected by a cushioning dish located at the outer edge of each segment. It also serves as a support for the capillary tubes, is easy to clean and replace.

After sedimentation, you can read the hematocrit values ​​with the aid of the rotor cover, which simultaneously serves as an evaluation disk. Do not remove the capillaries. This saves time and provides additional security.



  • Max. Capacity: in the hematocrit rotor:
    24 standard capillaries
  • Max. Speed:
    13,000 min -1
  • Max. RCF:
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    228 x 261 x 353 mm
  • Mass:
    Approx. 10 kg
  • Cooling:
    Air cooling
  • Rotors:
    Hematocritrotor for 24 standard capillaries, max. RCF 16.060 - Order no. 2076
    Plate rotor for 20 capillaries for Buffy Coat analysis, max. RCF 16.060 - Order no. 2056
    HAEMATOKRIT 200, without rotor, Order No. 1801