EBA 270

EBA 270


EBA 270



The EBA 270 is a small centrifuge with swing-bucket rotor which has been specially developed for the medical practice. It is particularly suitable for the centrifugation of sample tubes containing a separating gel, and also provides good separation results as a large centrifuge.

Centrifuge standard blood collection vessels and urine tubes with the EBA 270 up to a volume of 15 ml at a maximum of 4,000 min-1. This corresponds to a RCF of 2,254.

Many manufacturers of gel tubes recommend centrifugation in a swinging rotor. Sedimentation takes place in the direction of the vessel axis so that the components form horizontal, uniformly thick layers. The sample preparation can then be carried out by the analyzer.

The EBA 270 gives you the best separation results and a horizontal separation layer, just like a larger centrifuge. Your samples are optimally prepared for the analysis.

Movie off! See our EBA 200 / EBA 270 in action.



  • Max. Capacity:
  • In swing rotor:
    6 x 15 ml
  • Max. Speed:
    4,000 min -1
  • Max. RCF:
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    239 x 326 x 389 mm
  • Mass:
    Approx. 13 kg
  • Cooling:
    Air cooling
  • Rotor:
    Swing bucket for 6 x 15 ml and tubes included
    EBA 270, incl. Rotor, Order No. 2300