WRx Series 15 kW to 120 kW

WRx Series 15 kW to 120 kW


WRx Series 15 kW to 120 kW

High Power DC Electronic Loads
Active Resistance + Microchannel Water Cooling

Utilizing Magna-Power’s new patent pending Active Resistance Technology in combination with the company’s internally manufactured microchannel water-cooled heatsinks, the WRx Series addresses high power DC applications where exhaust heat control is essential. The WRx Series greatly increases power density compared air-cooled alternatives. An integrated solenoid controls the flow of water to avoid condensation. Full power can be achieved using conventional water, with water inlet temperatures up to 25 °C.

Magna-Power's Active Resistance heat dissipation technology utilizes a switched binary matrix of resistances and MOSFET network, combined with Magna-Power's new MagnaLINK™ distributed DSP architecture, the WRx Series delivers the same features and performance as traditional electronic loads, at a fraction of the price. Beyond voltage, current, resistance, and power control modes, the WRx Series also provides a rheostat control mode, allowing direct control of the product's internal resistance network.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA, Available Worldwide

MagnaLOADs are designed and manufactured at Magna-Power's vertically integrated USA manufacturing facility in Flemington, New Jersey. Heat-sinks and chassis are machined from aluminum. High-power resistor modules are fabricated and rigorously tested. An automated surface-mount production line places components on printed circuit boards for control, auxiliary power, and display circuits. And finally after assembly, products undergo comprehensive test and calibration, followed by an extended burn-in period.

There are many possible configurations for the WRx Series product. Using the following ordering guide and models chart to define the best model for your application.


Model Maximum Power Maximum Voltage Maximum Current Package Type
WRx15-200-150 15 kW 200 Vdc 150 Adc Rack-mount
WRx15-500-60 15 kW 500 Vdc 60 Adc Rack-mount
WRx15-1000-30 15 kW 1000 Vdc 30 Adc Rack-mount
WRx30-200-300 30 kW 200 Vdc 300 Adc Floor-standing
WRx30-500-120 30 kW 500 Vdc 120 Adc Floor-standing
WRx30-1000-60 30 kW 1000 Vdc 60 Adc Floor-standing
WRx60-200-600 60 kW 200 Vdc 600Adc Floor-standing
WRx60-500-240 60 kW 500 Vdc 240 Adc Floor-standing
WRx60-1000-120 60 kW 1000 Vdc 120 Adc Floor-standing
WRx90-200-900 90 kW 200 Vdc 900 Adc Floor-standing
WRx90-500-360 90 kW 500 Vdc 360 Adc Floor-standing
WRx90-1000-180 90 kW 1000 Vdc 180 Adc Floor-standing
WRx120-200-1200 120 kW 200 Vdc 1200 Adc Floor-standing
WRx120-500-480 120 kW 500 Vdc 480 Adc Floor-standing
WRx120-1000-240 120 kW 1000 Vdc 240 Adc Floor-standing