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FRG-730 Pirani Bayard-Alpert Gauge

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FRG-730 Pirani Bayard-Alpert Gauge Vacuum Measurement Agilent Technologies

The FRG-720 and FRG-730 combine Agilent's Pirani and Bayard-Alpert sensor into a single compact design that provides measuring capability from 5 x 10-10 mbar to atmosphere (3.8 x 10-10 Torr to atmosphere). Combining these two technologies into a single unit reduces complexity and integration challenges while protecting the Bayard-Alpert sensor from premature burnout.

  • Combination gauge Bayard-Alpert and Pirani provides wide measurement range from 5 x 10-10 mbar to atmosphere
  • Pirani interlock – protects Bayard-Alpert sensor from premature burnout and contamination effects from high pressure operation
  • Long-life ytterium oxide-coated iridium filament brings a rugged design for a wide-range of applications
  • Set point control
  • LCD display option allows monitoring of pressure readings easily
  • Profibus communication option facilitates simplified network integration

Technical Specifications


Measurement range (Air, O2, CO, N2) 5 x 10-10 to 1000 mbar (3.8 x 10-10 to 760 Torr)
Accuracy 10-8 to 10-2 mbar/torr – ± 15% of reading
Repeatability 10-8 to 10-2 mbar/torr – ± 5% of reading
Degas p < 7.2 x 10-6 mbar – electron bombardment, max. 3 min
Pressure, maximum

2 bar absolute

Temperature Operation
Storage Bakeout at flange w/extension Bakeout at flange wo/extension Bakeout w/electroncs removed
0 to 50 °C –20 to +70 °C 150 °C 80 °C 150 °C
Supply voltage 20 to 28 VDC, 1.4 A on startup for 200 msec, 0.8 A operating
Output signal analog
Measurement range
Voltage vs. pressure
Error signal
Minimum loaded impedance
0 to 10 V
0.774 to 10.0 V
0.75 V/decade
0.3/0.5 V
10 kΩ
Communication interface RS-232C
Electrical connection D-sub, 15 pin, male
Maximum cable length 100 m (330 ft)
Materials exposed to vacuum Yt2O3, Ir, Pt, Mo, Cu, W, NiFe, NiCr, stainless steel, glass
Internal volume KF/CF 24 cm3 (1.46 in3) /34 cm3 (2.1 in3)
Weight KF/CF 285g/550g
Protection type IP30
Setpoint relays (1) for FRG-730 Range Relay contact Hysteresis Contact rating
1 x 10-9 to 100 mbar n.o., potential free 10% of reading 30 V/0.5 A DC
Profibus Option
Baud rates 9.6/19.2/93.75/187.5/500 kBaud; 1.5/12 mBaud
Address 2 switches (address 00 – 127) or network programmable
Digital functions Read pressure, select units (Torr, mbar, Pa); degas function, Pirani full scale adjust; monitor gauge status; safe state allows definition of behavior in case of error; detailed alarm and warning information
Analog functions 0 to 10 V analog output pressure indication; two setpoint relays A + B
Setpoint relays (2) Range Relay contact Hysteresis Contact rating
1 x 10-9 to 100 mbar n.o., potential free 10 % of reading 60 V/0.5 A DC
Connector for Profibus DP D-sub, 9 pin, female


Outline Drawing

FRG-720 / FRG-730 Pirani Bayard-Alpert Gauge Outline Drawing


Description KF25 CF35
FRG-720 Pirani/Bayard Alpert combination gauge single filament FRG720KF25 FRG720CF35
with display FRG720KF25D FRG720CF35D
with setpoints and Profibus FRG720KF25SP FRG720CF35SP
FRG-730 Pirani/Bayard Alpert combination gauge dual filaments w/set pts FRG730KF25S FRG730CF35S
FRG-730 Pirani/Bayard Alpert combination gauge dual filaments w/set pts. and display FRG730KF25SD FRG730CF35SD
FRG-730 Pirani/Bayard Alpert combination gauge dual filaments w/set pts and Profibus FRG730KF25SP FRG730CF35SP
FRG-720 Replacement sensor KF25 FRG720KF25RS
FRG-720 Replacement sensor CF35 FRG720CF35RS
FRG-730 (dual filaments) KF25 Replacement sensor FRG730KF25RS
FRG-730 (dual filaments) CF35 Replacement sensor FRG730CF35RS
FRG-720/730 Baffle FRG720BFL
FRG-720/730 Power Supply 24V DC/RS232C FRG720PWR
FRG-720/730 Bakeout extension, 100mm FRG720BKE

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