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XGS-600 Controller

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XGS-600 Controller Vacuum Measurement Agilent Technologies

The XGS-600 Gauge Controller accepts any of three different kinds of gauge cards which, between them, operate all Agilent vacuum gauges. Choose from
  • Convection gauges such as thermocouple or ConvecTorr
  • Hot filament ion gauges
  • Inverted magnetron (cold cathode or Penning) gauges

Up to six cards can be installed in the XGS-600 Controller, in practically any combination to suit your particular application. Everything else is standard equipment. This yields maximum flexibility for matching the system to your vacuum measurement requirements. The XGS-600 Gauge Controller allows for simultaneous operation of up to 12 gauges and can display readings for up to 8 gauges at any one time. All settings are stored in flash memory, so no worry about reprogramming after a power outage.

  • Simple user interface
  • Intuitive screen functions
  • Capacity, flexibility, expandability
  • Intelligent design, functionality
  • All delivered in a compact half rack unit
  • User interface LCD monochrome dot matrix, 240 x 128, white LED backlight; 5 button keypad
    Display capability Up to eight simultaneous channels of pressure measurement, up to a 5 character user label for each; up to two channels in a large font; readable from 15 feet; display updates every 200 msec
    Gauge capability Up to 4 Hot Filament BA gauges including metal, glass, and nude UHV types using the HFIG** cards; up to 5 IMGs* using the IMG* cards; up to 12 rough gauges using the Dual Convection Gauge Cards; up to 12Active Gauges using Dual Analog Input Cards
    Measurement range 1 x 10-11Torr to Atm dependent upon card and gauge type selected
    Setpoints Eight normally open setpoints (open collector), with independently programmable ON and OFF delays, manual override (see detail specs for ratings)
    Fast setpoint response 20 msec max (with delay set to 0.0 secs)
    Serial communications RS232 and RS485 (fully programmable), Profibus DP (optional)
    Analog outputs 1v/dec LOG, 0 – 10 V FS, on each card with 200 msec update rate
    I/O control HFIG** card: Remote gauge ON/OFF, Fil select, DeGAS ON/OFF Inputs, Status Output IMG* card: Remote gauge ON/OFF Input, Status Output Dual Convection Card: Remote CAL inputs, Status Outputs Dual Analog Input Card: Remote CAL Inputs, Status Output
    Other Auto-ON capability for installed ion gauges when at least one convection card is installed Sensitivity, gas correction, emission current (BA gauges only) inputs for ion gauges E-BEAM degas, with auto turn off for BA gauges Selectable air or argon calibration for rough gauges Adjustable atmosphere value for rough gauges Text error messages All data stored in FLASH non-volatile memory requiring no batteries
    Power input/Temperature Worldwide universal power input, 100-240 VAC, 2 A, 50/60 Hz, IEC inlet; 5-40 ºC ambient
    Regulatory approvals CE certified and RoHS compliant, BV certified for USA and Canada

Ordering Information Description Part Number XGS-600 Vacuum Controller, without cards XGS600H0M0C0 Configure your XGS-600 Controller with cards – constructing your part number: XGS600HXMXCX 1 Refer to the Gauge Selection Chart to help determine the gauge you need 2 Choose the number of HFIG** cards you want; place after the ”H”; will be 0 to 4 3 Choose the number of IMG* (cold cathode) cards you want; place after the “M”; will be 0 to 5 4 Choose the number of Dual Convection Gauge Cards; place after the “C”; each card runs two convection type gauges, will be 0 to 6 5. If ordering Active Gauge (Analog Input) Cards, add “Ax” to the end of the part number, XGS600HXMXCXAX with the number of cards desired (1 to 6). Each card operates two Active Gauges. NOTE: • The XGS-600 has 6 gauge card slots permitting a total of 6 cards. • Up to four slots can be used for HFIG** cards. If four of these are chosen, one IMG* card or up to two Dual Convection Gauge Cards may be selected also. • Up to five slots can be used for IMG* cards. If five of these are chosen, no additional gauge cards may be selected. • All six slots may be used for Dual Convection Gauge Cards or Analog Input Cards. • HFIG, IMG, and Dual Convection Cards can be used with Dual Analog Input Cards. Cables Part Number Cable Description Length 3 ft 10 ft 25 ft 50 ft 65 ft 75 ft 90 ft 100 ft XGS-600 I/O, with flying leads R32493010 R32493025 R32493050 Special Order (SO) ConvecTorr Gauge, non-bakeable L91223010 L91223025 L91223050 Special Order (SO) L91223100 Thermocouple Gauge (531, 536) L91313010 L91313025 L91313050 SO L91313075 SO L91313100 MBA2-200 Gauge X3203-60006 X3203-60007 X3203-60008 X3203-60009 X3203-60010 N/A N/A Glass BA Gauge standard, non-bakeable R32443010 R32443025 R32443050 UHV-24/UHV-24p standard, non-bakeable R32453010 R32453025 R32453050 UHV-24/UHV-24p Teflon UHV, bakeable to 250 °C R32463010 R32463025 R32463050 Ion Gauge extension – all hot filament N/A N/A N/A R32473065 SO R32473090 SO IMG-100 Gauge, non-bakeable – R03113010 R03113025 R03113050 SO R03113075 SO R03113100 may be used with IMG-300 IMG-300 Gauge, bakeable R03413010 R03413025 SO R03413065 SO SO R03413100 CT-100 Analog Input Board R35883003 R35883010 R35883025 R35883050 FRG-700/PVG/PCG Analog Input Board R35893003 R35893010 R35893025 R35893050 CDG Analog Input Board R35903003 R35903010 R35903025 R35903050 FRG720/730 Analog Input Board R35913003 R35913010 R35913025 R35913050 Not available over 50 feet – with 10 ft. standard cable, it is possible to order extension up to 250 ft. Accessories Description Part Number Hot Filament Ion Gauge (HFIG) card, field Install R3075301 Inverted Magnetron Ion Gauge (IMG) Card, field install R3080301 Dual Convection Gauge Card, field install R3084301 Dual Analog Input Card, field install R3487301 Tilt stand accessory R3124301 Center rack mount kit L6423301 Off-Center rack mount kit L6422301 Dual Mount rack mount kit L6426301 **IMG – Inverted Magnetron Gauge **HFIG – Hot Filament Ion Gauge Power Cord Selection One power cord included with each unit Description Part Number Europe, 10 A / 220-230 VAC, 2.5 meter 656494220 Denmark, 10 A / 220-230 VAC, 2.5 meter 656494225 Switzerland, 10 A / 230 VAC, 2.5 meter 656494235 UK/Ireland, 13 A / 230 VAC, 2.5 meter 656494250 India, 10 A / 220-250 VAC, 2.5 meter 656494245 Israel, 10 A / 230 VAC, 2.5 meter 656494230 Japan, 12 A / 100 VAC, 2.3 meter 656494240 North America, 13 A / 125 VAC, 2.0 meter 656458203
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